Grief Counseling Practices And Effectiveness Essay

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In the following literature review, the topic of grief counseling practices and effectiveness is discussed along with the client-centered approach in adapting a cultural awareness. These topics are specifically explored because the client in this case presents issues that are closely related to the recent death of her brother. Much of our time during session has been centered on moving the client into a state of awareness and acceptance over the recent passing. This client in particular has expressed during session that she considers herself a part of a tribe that differs distinctly from the western culture. In fact, many of the client’s presenting issues are also closely related to the discrepancies between the two cultures and how death is dealt with as evidenced by the client’s frustration with the local police officers’ procedures and social media’s twisted perception of the actual truth. Multiple articles will further be discussed to gather additional information that may be beneficial to this specific client’s background and presenting issues.
In a journal article written by Almaier (2011), the readings discuss facilitating a counseling approaches that are geared to influence the client to discover a sense of posttraumatic growth. The author also notes that “rather than simply mending loss” (p. 33), counselors should focus on keeping the session centered on the positive views of grief. In a broad overview of the article’s suggested intervention strategies, a framework…

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