Grief And Grieving Experience

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People experience loss in many different ways throughout their lives. Events such as moving, changing jobs, and losing friends can create a sense of loss. The loss may be as serious as a major health change, divorce, death of a pet, or death of a loved one. All of these types of loss are likely to create a physical and emotional reaction known as grief. Grief is the result of a major change or an absence of something or someone that you count on. Grief is a normal reaction to loss.
How can grief affect me?
A variety of factors can affect your grieving experience, including:
The nature of your loss.
Your relationship to what you lost.
Your understanding of grief and how to cope with it.
Your support system.
The way you deal with
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Loss of interest in normal activities.
Dreaming about or imagining seeing the person who died.
A need to remember what or who you lost.
Difficulty thinking about anything other than your loss for a period of time.
Relief. If you have been expecting the loss for a while, you may feel a sense of relief when it happens.
Follow these instructions at home:
Be patient with yourself and others. Allow the grieving process to happen, and remember that grieving takes time.
It is likely that you may never feel completely done with some grief. You may find a way to move on while still cherishing memories and feelings about your loss.
Accepting your loss is a process. It can take months or longer to adjust.
Express your feelings in healthy ways, such as:
Talking with others about the loss. It may be helpful to find others who have had a similar loss, such as a support group.
Writing down your feelings in a journal.
Doing physical activities to release stress and emotional energy.
Doing creative activities like painting, sculpting, or playing or listening to music.
Keep to your normal routine as much as possible. If you have trouble focusing or doing normal activities, it is acceptable to take some time away from your normal
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You have ongoing grief that does not improve.
Your body shows symptoms of grief, such as illness.
You feel depressed, anxious, or lonely.
Grief is a normal part of experiencing a loss. It is the result of a major change or an absence of something or someone that you count on.
The depth of grief and the period of recovery depends on the type of loss as well as your ability to adjust to the change and process your feelings.
Processing grief requires patience and a willingness to accept your feelings and talk about your loss with others who are supportive.
It is important to find resources that work for you and to realize we are all different when it comes to grief. There is not one single grieving process that works for everyone in the same way.
Be aware that when grief becomes extreme it can lead to more severe issues like isolation, depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts. Talk with your health care provider if you have any of these

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