Grey's Anatomy Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The first step is to make the case that when viewers watch Grey’s Anatomy, he or she perceives the program as credible. Secondly, if viewers see the program as credible, it can be said that he or she sees the doctors on the show as courageous and brave. Next, by use of the Cultivation Theory, if the viewer is a frequent viewer of Grey’s Anatomy, his or her reality between their real world doctors, and the television doctors is blurred. And lastly, because the viewer has a perceived courageousness of his or her real world doctor, his or her perception of courage directly relates to a positive patient satisfaction with these real world …show more content…
The specific examples shown from the series, confirmed the doctors in the show showed extreme courage and bravery. Using the study from Dr. Quick’s report, the linkage between the viewing of Grey’s Anatomy and positive patient satisfaction was established. All of this information together makes a compelling case that the heavy viewing of the medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy, makes viewers more likely to be satisfied with his or her real world physicians.

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