Grendel 's View On Existence Essay

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The meaning to one’s existence is a constant search for mankind. In their lifetimes they experience various events that transform their views on the world. In turn changing their view of their very own existence. In John Gardner’s Grendel, Grendel’s perspective of himself in a mindless and mechanical natural world, illustrates the idea that one’s perspective on existence stems from experience. Grendel’s surroundings and various encounters help shape his view of an indifferent and unsympathetic natural world. From birth Grendel has always been alone and misunderstood. He turned to the stoic and peaceful nature that he thought would accept him as kin. Only to find out that the world he knows is but a very mindless and mechanical world. This aspect of Grendel’s perspective stems from nature’s indifference to Grendel, “But deer, like rabbits and bears and even men, can make, concerning my race, no delicate distinctions. That is their happiness: they see all like without observing it” (Gardner 7). This excerpt displays the indifference of nature seen through: the rabbits, deer, and bears. Since they can ‘see’ Grendel but choose not to ‘observe’ him, in other words, Grendel is the monster they want no part with. Thus symbolizing nature’s indifference to Grendel and his kind. When Grendel finally attempts to defy this indifferent nature, it does not pay him heed. Instead it continues to turn like a mindless mechanical machine. Even in the face of certain death the goat, symbolic…

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