Grendel : The Good Monster Essay

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Grendel: The Good Monster
Could a monster truly be good? And could that very same monster have the ability to make humans sympathize it? Well, these and many more questions are asked of John Gardner’s main character in his novel Grendel. This book tells the story of a monster named Grendel, who originates from Anglo-Saxon tales and features in the popular poem Beowulf. Gardner tells the familiar story of Beowulf but through the perspective of the tale’s main monster, Grendel. At first glance, a reader can confidently state that Grendel is evil and corrupt but, by giving readers both Grendel 's point of view and his thoughts, Gardener shows that Grendel is not that evil after all. With thorough observation and deeper analysis of the book, one can draw a connection between Grendel and benevolence. An essay written by Jay Ruud, Gardner 's Grendel and Beowulf Humanizing the Monster, further supports this theory. Through careful analysis, readers can see that Grendel is no more a monster than the humans are and often times, Grendel can even be seen as less cruel than humanity. Gardner also tries to make the readers feel sympathy for the monster by showing readers Grendel’s isolation and desperation. Several other human characteristics can be linked with Grendel to show that he is less monstrous than thought at first glance. But, Grendel’s motives, which are the reasons why he does everything that he does are the best pieces of evidence to support that he is in fact, not evil.…

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