Grendel Philosophy Analysis

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Grendel’s Philosophical Lifestyle
In the book Grendel the main character, Grendel is a monster that was once rejected by humans making him into an angry and bitter person. Grendel only cares about himself and wants to be the best at what he does which is fighting. Grendel’s whole life he experiences multiple different types of philosophies in which he lives by. Three main philosophies stick out in Grendel's life which he lives by the most, they are Machiavellianism, Solipsism, and Nihilism
Throughout Grendel, Grendel is a very bitter person, but cares about his reputation of fighting, his goal is to be the best at it that he can be. “This nobility of his, this dignity: are they not my work? What was he before? Nothing! A swollen-headed raider, full of boasts and stupid jokes and mead.” (Gardner 123). Grendel thinks Hrothgar is a fool, because he has not done anything to make himself become better. He has no dignity and he has nothing going for him. Hrothgar is not worthy of anything
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Grendel is constantly negative through the book and it brings negative energy around him. He thinks life is meaningless and there is no point, because he has only known bad so that is all he portrays. Everytime he comes encounter with anyone or anything he ends up fighting them or killing them so they all know him as evil. Part of his outlook on life is that he has a really bad temper and cannot control it. When a child is young they learn to share and be kind to others, but since Grendel was different from everyone, no one wanted to be around him from the start. With having no one like him from when he was young, he never learned to be nice and not be a bully. He is a bully, because everyone is scared of him and Grendel feeds off of everyone being afraid of him. He likes the feeling of other people fearing him since they were once awful to him. Grendel’s actions and attitude show how much nihilism is in this

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