Essay on Grendel, By John Gardner

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In John Gardner’s Grendel, the story and the plot focuses on the thoughts and emotions of Grendel as he defines his existence in the world of the Danes. The novel depicts Grendel’s life from childhood to adulthood, and his character begins as a misunderstood, curious creature, and transitions to an evil, terrorizing monster. In the beginning of the novel during the flashback of Grendel’s childhood, he is taken in as misunderstood simply because he strikes fear into other creatures and humans because of his size and appearance being dissimilar to theirs. However, as Grendel matures and becomes curious about his own existence and purpose in the world, he begins to ask questions and eventually seeks guidance and takes advice from the Dragon, and gradually becomes more vicious and intentionally harmful. Because of Grendel’s stature and appearance, he is initially a misunderstood character although he changes throughout the novel into a malevolent monster. In the beginning of the novel, Grendel’s “childish” (15) nature is explored and explained through Grendel’s actions and the events that took place based off of those actions. He is just a child in some sense, this childish nature is seen when he is walking around outside his cave for the first time, “Like a puppy nipping, playfully growling preparing for battle with wolves” (16). The quote describes Grendel’s nature and his curiosity as he explores a world he’s never been in. Through the context of the quote, the reader is…

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