Gregory Maguire Egg And Spoon Analysis

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Gregory Maguire’s, Egg and Spoon, is a magical story told from the perspective of a monk. Elena Rudina is the youngest of three living in a poor village. Luka, the oldest is whisked away to serve in the army for the Tsar and Alexei serves a local merchant who left the poor village. At 13, Elena is left alone with her dying mother and a set of marystosha dolls. Mademoiselle Ekaterina Ivanovna de Robichaux or Cat is drawn by her Great-Aunt Sophia to St.Petersburg. There she is to meet the Tsar and his godson, who is to be wed. Cat’s train is stalled in Elena's village, and there the 2 girls marvel over the beautiful fabergé egg, with depictions of the ice-dragon, the witch, Baba Yaga, and the Firebird which is to be the Tsar’s gift. However, as the train starts, Cat is launched into Elena’s village with the egg. …show more content…
Unable to jump from the train, Elena attempts to pass as a sick Cat until she can decide what to do about her predicament. Elena, in the end, resolves to go to the Tsar and ask him to release Luka. Cat, meanwhile, is run from the village by angry peasants. While, following the train tracks she is led astray and comes upon Baba Yaga’s house with chicken legs. The fabergé egg, when examined by the witch appears to be missing the firebird. Baba Yaga decides that this is a sign that magic is dying. In Baba Yaga’s house, they immediately set off to see the Tsar. During this, Elena managed to jumped off and happened upon the Firebird. A hen, being chased by a fox, grabs a feather from the firebird and both birds goes up in flames. Elena takes the egg left behind. Back on the train she is discovered by the butler and the governess. In St. petersburg, Elena ends up going to the Tsar’s

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