Greggs Plc Essay

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Greggs plc (Greggs) is a UK based bakery products retailing company. Through its subsidiaries, the company produces and retails takeaway foods that include savouries, sandwiches and fresh bakery food products. It also offers health range and regional products with lower fat, calorie and salt quantities. The bakery food products offered by the company comprise pasties and sausage rolls, pies, doughnuts and drinks. It also offers health range and regional products. Greggs operates 1,400 stores across the country and serves approximately six million customers each week. The company is headquartered in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK
Strategic Corporate Development History of Greggs Plc:
Greggs was a small, local
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Accordingly, once the Bakers Oven chain was added to Greggs' operations, the company began pursuing a two-pronged expansion strategy: building clusters of Greggs shops in large markets and establishing Bakers Oven units in smaller markets.
In the wake of the Allied Bakeries acquisition, Greggs became a chain with two complementary vehicles for growth and two distinct formats. The traditional Greggs shops concentrated on takeaway sales, while the Bakers Oven shops offered seating to its customers, functioning more like restaurants. Not all of the units acquired from Allied Bakeries conformed to Greggs' needs, including more than 90 outlets in south and west London, which were used to form the company's eighth division, Greggs of Twickenham. A ninth division was added when the company completed its next major acquisition, the December 1996 purchase of J.R. Birkett & Sons Ltd., a family-owned baking company. The Birkett division eventually was disbanded when the stores were converted to Greggs units.
By the end of the 1990s, Greggs' revenues eclipsed the £300 million mark for the first time, 15 years after the company generated £37 million in sales. The company's long-range plans included two ambitious goals. By 2010, the Greggs management team hoped to reach £1 billion in sales and at least

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