Greenfield's American Strategy In Ww2

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The United States entered in World War Two behind the eight ball when it came to supplies, arms, and troops. The government began propaganda advertisements for rationing, th draft, and mass production of war armory to help get America ready for war along the Allied front. In the war, the United States exemplified a strategy that puts the war effort before anything else going on within the country itself. This one point effort allowed the United States, along with President Roosevelt to fully admit themselves into the war along Great Britain and the other allies. In Greenfield’s American Strategy in World War II, Greenfield exemplifies how the alliance with Great Britain exemplified differences between the two, but both needed each other in the long run, while also America is being successful by way of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in military power as Commander-In-Chief. Great Britain’s assistance and our …show more content…
Roosevelt was a prime asset to the success for the United States in the Pacific against Japan and Europe alongside Great Britain and others. His use of power as Commander-in-Chief and the decisions he made, Greenfield expressed as, “to make achieve these objective… made military sense” (79). In making these decisions, President Roosevelt at times went against his military council and on twenty occasions, according to Greenfield, Roosevelt overruled certain assault/defensive actions. Roosevelt knew what his primary concerns were in the war, and that helped influence his decisions and actions such as the defeat of Japan in the Pacific and multiple concerns and goals such as Germany being primary enemy number one, achieving unconditional surrender, and the Big Four (which included Roosevelt) controlling the United Nations postwar development. These decisions by Roosevelt helped set himself aside individually as one of the greatest presidents, especially military wise and home country

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