Essay on Green Vs. Green Wind Power

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Green vs. Green Wind Power Finding a new reliable source of renewable energy is exactly what this generation should be striving for. Fossil fuels are what this world lives off of and in the near future this product will no longer be accessible. According to Shahrair Shanifee “The new formula is modified from the Class model and thus assumes a continuous compound rate and computes fossil fuel reserve depletion times for oil, coal and gas of approximately 35, 107 and 37 years” (Shanifee par. 1). Yes there are renewable sources of energy that we rarely use being water power, solar power, geothermal power, and wind power but without fossil fuels this planet is blind. This world needs to take wind power more seriously before it is too late. Although most people believe wind power is a good source of renewable energy, Americans need to refrain from using windmills to using hovering wind turbines in order to be more efficient with energy, environmentally friendly, and have voltage control. Ten years ago today windmills were a great idea for a non-polluted renewable energy source but in todays world a greater amount of people are trying to develop new and more beneficial types of energy. The first hovering wind turbine was sent up in Alaska in 2014. These Hovering wind turbines soar as high as two thousand feet in the air where the wind is much stronger and more constant. Oppose to regular windmills that only see heights off 100 to 300 feet in the air where air strengths and…

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