Essay on Green Spaces : Green Space

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Green space is part of a development in establishing grass, trees and vegetation in a community. Green spaces contain natural elements that could be placed and designed in an urban expansion. The establishment of parks and green landscapes restore an individual’s mental and physical health. In addition, the price of homes increase because of the eye-catching views that green space has to offer. The trees and vegetation efficiently create shades that will reduce the heat island effect, and can potentially clear and improve the atmosphere. In other words, green space comes into question on how Leander can benefit from the advantages of green space.
The natural elements of a green space can unconsciously affect an individual’s physical and mental health and well-being. In other words, the experience of simply walking through a green space can potentially boost one’s well-being in becoming happier. The fresh air and the green sceneries can reduce stress, exhaustion and one’s illness in the replacement of positive energy. For instance, Roger S. Ulrich’s research in a suburban Pennsylvania hospital examined that “postsurgical hospital patients with views of green landscapes had significantly shorter recovery periods and reduced need for pain medications compared to patients with views of urban settings” (Ulrich 1984). Ulrich’s research proves that the attractiveness and aesthetics of landscapes correlate to an individual’s restoration. In addition, an aesthetic environment…

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