Green Revolution Becomes A Genetic Revolution In GMO OMG By Jeremy Seifer

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Green Revolution becomes a Genetic Revolution
Food is obviously a necessary resource for the average person. It is a known natural resource that feeds all living species. However, from the film GMO OMG by Jeremy Seifer, it reveals that not all foods are natural, introducing genetically modified organisms, also known as GMO’s. GMO’s are organisms that have genetic material that has been altered in a way that is unnatural. Surrounding GMO’s lies economical, environmental, and societal dilemma’s that people have faced, as well as benefits for industries and farmers. However, most people, the consumer, have no idea what GMO’s are and do not realize that they are probably consuming genetically modified organisms. Before consumption, is the plant
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There is the act that can benefit others; however that action must benefit you in the long-run (Farias, 2015c). Ethical egoism is easily seen amongst the Monsanto Corporation. The main action of genetically modified organisms was that it became a cheaper alternative to produce more crops for the nation, without any regards of the long-term affects and health whether it be good or bad the GMO’s sells, and brings a steady flow of money for Monsanto. The GMO’s are able to feed an entire livestock of animals and keep crops from dying out. Not only does it benefit the self-interest of Monsanto, but it also benefits the self-interest of farmers planting with GMO’s who are able to profit from them as well. Ethical egoism is also seen with the patenting of their genetic products from Monsanto and other companies. By patenting their genetical materials they were claiming that they owned the rights to their seeds, furthermore the rights to nature. By patenting seeds and crops, gave them opportunity for money. They have prevented the labeling of genetically modified foods from multiple states, threatening to sue states for revealing GMO’s. (Seifert). If GMO’s were labeled it would be an easy source for people to blame if someone were to get sick or even die, because the labeling would include all the unnatural chemicals that are of the genetic make-up of the foods. By not …show more content…
In the film GMO OMG, Jeremy Seifert takes it upon himself to research and discover the controversies behind genetically modified organisms. What motivated to start his quest were his children, trying to figure out whether it could even be possibility for his family to stop consuming GMO’s. Jeremy took it upon himself to interview multiple both commercial and organic farms who were for GMO’s and against GMO’s to gain more information different point’s of views on genetically modified food and why some partake in it. Throughout his journey, he had limited his family from consuming a lot of processed foods, but had discovered that GMO’s will somehow always make it into their food chain, whether it be through them consuming it directly or where certain product originated from. Jeremy didn’t take any major action to make a world a better place, but the idea and motivation to make the world a better place for his children was Utilitarian. The access and planting of GMO’s seeds could also be seen as utilitarian through some farmers and those pro-GMO’s, because it has provided an abundance of crop, able to feed over 14 billion people per day. Being that the world is constantly populating, genetically modified foods have allowed farmers to keep the world fed (Seifert). On top of that GMO’s benefit farmers by preventing any pesticides, weeds, and diseases that can harm the

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