Essay about Green Of Green Magic Homes

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As people begin to grow more aware of the green movement happening across the world we are finding more solutions to sustainable housing. There are many different forms of green homes in the world. Green homes have many different qualities, however, many of these qualities can be categorized into a small group such as landscape, community and site, energy, water, recycling and local materials, indoor environment quality and maybe the most important green education. The most difficult part of creating a green home is making sure all these elements are satisfied. Earth sheltered homes have always been an expensive and not one hundred percent reliable structures. An interesting company called, Green Magic Homes, located in Florida and built in Cancun, Mexico build eco-friendly prefabricate homes. Green Magic Homes is an easy and affordable way of owning your own earth sheltered home.
Green Magic Homes are not a new concept- they are an ancient method of building that have been modernized to fit the everyday person. These buildings are originally known as Icelandic turf houses. These homes came to be after people found it difficult to construct homes out of wood and stone which were scare in the Icelandic fields. The long cold winters made it very difficult to heat and thus many people died. One solution they found was to build their homes half buried in a hill slope. They found this was a solution to the insulation problems they faced. These earth sheltered homes stayed warm in…

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