Green Eyed Monster Essay

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The Green Eyed Monster So your best friend wears a size 0 and complains that it's too big on her! Your next-door neighbor is driving a Mercedes and your car can barely make it to the end of the driveway. Your sister is headed for a week-long vacation in the Caribbean and you can't get farther than the state park. Jealous? Who wouldn't be? Sure, there are times when everyone else seems to have more, do more, look better. But is that really the case? Jealousy is the root of many evils that can affect the poorest of paupers to the richest of kings. It has lead men to lie, cheat, steal and exhibit other harmful acts toward their fellow man. This one emotion has broken the spirits of men since the dawn of time, and there is no …show more content…
Take the example of the overweight girl envious of her friend's fine figure. This envy motivates her to change her lifestyle and lose weight so she and her friend can wear clothes similar to those that they wore in high school. Jealousy may reflect a person's view of him or herself. It's more about how people feel about themselves and whether they're confident about whom they are. A person who has a poor self-image may feel threatened and believe that he or she has nothing to offer to keep someone else interested. Most jealousy arises when someone feels insecure and threatened, either of losing the relationship, or that someone else will get the craved attention.

For many, jealousy has to do with personal relationships. You might become jealous, for example, if you feel your partner is not paying enough attention to you. Jealousy might also be provoked if your partner or spouse consistently makes you feel uncomfortable through both their words and their actions. In any relationship, trust and mutual respect are essential to keep the relationship flourishing and communication strong. Jealousy might seem flattering at first, if your mate wants all your time and attention, but it can also be a sign of emotional instability. That flattering interest in your attentions can turn into a chronic lack of trust and suspicion. A husband who is jealous of his wife’s innocent friendships with other women, and who tries to

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