Essay on Green Economics

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Climate change is a by-product of a global economic system based on cheap fossil fuel energy that powers our homes, vehicles, offices and factories. Summaries of climate science and modeling, such as those undertaken by the International Panel on Climate Change tell us that a “business as usual” trajectory of rising greenhouse gas emissions (or even maintaining emissions at current levels) threatens the very survival of humans, not to mention other animals and plants. (Lee, Mark, and Kenneth I., 11) As the world is increasingly focusing on environmental awareness, a new “green” trend has arisen. This research essay will discuss the issue of sustainability of the environment in production, growing consumer interest in the green trend, and …show more content…
That is, in the organic cycle all wastes are biodegradable, while in the technological cycle items are reused, remanufactured, or recycled (Lee, Mark, and Kenneth I., 13). Green manufacturing efforts seek to reduce the footprint of all industries through a mix of technology substitution and changes in processes. A major example of technology substitution would be for a manufacturer to change their energy provider to an alternative energy source such as solar energy, which has a high upfront cost, but will pay for itself in the long run. Still, this is a costly procedure, and the money is holding many companies back from installing more efficient energy sources. “Most business leaders want to do the right thing, but it’s hard when you’ve got earning pressures or installed technology that is expensive or difficult to change” says Home Depot Canada executive Harry Taylor (Beltrame, Julian). A simple example of a change in process would be using less material to package a product using recyclable materials. Another great example of changing a process would be changing their sources for raw materials. Certain companies providing raw materials are relying more on recyclable or renewable materials and implementing material conservation initiatives and “replenishment programs” such as forest replanting programs (Green Production - Advantages, Benefits, Cost, Defining and Instituting Green

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