Greek Wedding Rituals Essay

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Everything the Greeks ate was connected to the gods. In order to like them and have good luck throughout their lives, they sacrificed their livestock to them. Gods like Demeter, Ceres, Persephone, and Dionysus were even representing several foods: Dionysus was the god of wine, whereas Persephone and Demeter were the goddesses of bread, the main food of the Greeks.
In order to sacrifice food to gods, it had to be burned during a mass. As the smoke rose to the Mount Olympus, the gods were able to receive the burnt presents from the people. The most common sacrificial animal was the pig. (o.A.,, 15.2.2018)

2.2 Traditions and Rituals
In this chapter, I want to describe Greek traditions and how they celebrated the following feasts in their social environment. My main focus lays on the wedding ritual.

2.2.1 The Wedding Ritual
Back in the first century, weddings were something really special, as you had to think of everything carefully. When it came to invitations, people would be angry at each other if they were not invited. To avoid these tensions between family, friends, and acquaintanc-es, you would bid around 100 people to your big day. Furthermore, a wedding back then used to be more focused on a contract to be fulfilled than on having a religious ceremony like we would have them today. When it finally came to
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As it was a shame back then to be completely drunk, they mixed the wine with water every time they drank it. Alcohol was used to be more relaxed and less inhibited. Another purpose of this liquor was making participants of debates become less guarded and stating their opinion more honest. Wine was drunk for only two occasions: during meals and special feasts or during political and philosophical discussions. They believed that wine was able to reveal secrets and hidden

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