Greek Theatre Vs. Modern Theatre Essay

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Ancient Greek Theatre
Greek theatre peaked in the V century BC and is known as the oldest theatre in Europe. The legacy in art left to us by antiquity is immense. Ancient architecture, sculpture, literature and theatre have been the subject of study and imitation through all the followed centuries. For example, when, the first literary comedies and tragedies were made up in the Renaissance era, the pieces of ancient authors have served as models for them. Moreover, prominent European playwrights (Shakespeare, Corneille, Schiller, Goethe) have repeatedly appealed to the rich theatrical heritage left by antiquity. Many playwrights of the XX century also used the ancient stories and images (Hauptmann, Sartre, Anouilh). Ancient Greek theatre was an indispensable instrument by which social trade was occurred. Plays frequently referenced huge, political, social and religious subjects. They offered new points of view, asked thoughtful questions and created the philosophical basis of Greek society.
To understand what attracts the leading figures to the theatre of ancient drama and why modern artists still refer to works written about 2,500 years ago, it is necessary to apply to the peculiarities of the economic, social and political life in Greece at the time. Drama was born in Greece in the VI century BC, when the slave system was established. The disintegration of the tribal system has resulted in the creation of the city-states almost all over the Hellas, which represented a…

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