Greek Societies And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Ancient Greek societies had their fair share of political powers, its rulers and the systems that came with it. In a nation that is considered the forefathers of western culture, it is fascinating to see the various forms of government that people in this society faced on a daily basis. Of course there was often cause for strife in these forms, and each of them served as a building block for its various government system. Specifically, monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny. oligarchy and democracy in these
Greek city-states helped shape each cultures in their own respective way. While some tend to vary strongly in their ways of ruling, many tend to show similarities which only minor differentiating factors. These forms of government we know today are thanks to the these city-states and how they reacted to each of these forms helped shape their minds and customs, which still have lasted affects today. Plato has analyzed and provided each of these examples in ways that explain their purpose as well as how they are contributing to each of their societies.
Plato considered that a monarchy was often quite difficult to discern from tyranny. Monarchy was the idea that a single ruler would have been put in place, which would be called a king. This form of government was not often seen in these Greek city-states, and but could be seen in Sparta, at the time of the two King rulers. who were both foreigners from Macedonia and and Eperios. These two kings had their own…

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