Essay on Greek Mythology : The Myth And Clash Of The Titans

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Since prehistoric times, Greek mythology has been shaping the way the world materializes. Even today, Greek mythology is illustrated in different forms of media, literature, and everyday life. However, ancient myths tend to be altered to fit the perspectives of the present-day audience. One of the many Greek mythological heroes that embodies the culture of Greece is Perseus. Perseus, who is one of the great heroes before the Trojan War, experiences grief and strife through the challenges he faces created by his father,Zeus, and King Polydectes. Perseus was recreated in the action film Clash of the Titans released in 2010. This film reshapes the myth by having Perseus embark on a quest to slay the sea monster known as the Kraken in order to avenge his family and save the land of Argos. Despite the fact that modifications were made, the overall message in the myth continues to remain the same. Perseus in both the myth and Clash of the Titans transformed into a hero with the help of similar characters. However, in spite of those similarities, the structure of Clash of the Titans differed from the myth in order to convey the essence required to captivate the modern audience. Clash of the Titans retains the outcomes that occurred in the myth Perseus to allow the original purpose of the myth to be portrayed. In the beginning of the remake and myth, King Acrisius throws Perseus and his mother “in a wooden ark and threw them into the sea” (Kiwi). They were eventually saved by a…

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