Greek Mythology Of The Gods Essay

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“Sky Father” is a Greek Mythological power of a sky god who is addressed as an all-powerful father: Uranus, Cronus, Zeus. Sky Father may also be taken co-dependent to the “Earth Mother”: Gaea. Sky Father is humanized to give a man-like, strong, commanding presence, often being tasked with controlling the major factors of human lives and keeping the other gods in check in a fatalistic culture. The Greeks created gods in the image of humans, flawed and having many human qualities even though they were gods. Cronus, Son of Uranus, disfigured and overthrew his father in the lust for power. The gods were highly emotional, constantly fought among themselves, behaved irrationally, inconsistently and unfairly, and were often jealous of each other. Zeus the king of the gods, for example, was rarely faithful to his wife, Hera, who plotted against Zeus and punished his mistresses. They, even as superior beings, had weak, human emotions and qualities. They were so, personified.
In Greek mythology, Cronus had ambushed his sleeping father, Uranus, and castrated him, pitching the severed testicles into the sea. The vicious assault representing the emasculation “Sky Father”. The manly bits themselves symbolize the strength and power of a male figure; since he can no longer re-produce. The basis of this myth is the same as the symbolic value. As physically representing manhood, even chemically so, being the producers of testosterone. ‘Testosterone’, as Webster’s defines, ‘is a steroid…

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