Greek Mythology : Greek Myths Essay

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Without a doubt, classical Greek myths were created as a means to explain traditions, beliefs, and natural phenomena of archaic Greek society. Although Greek myths seem ancient to the current era, their concepts, and terminology continue to exist and are evident in modern society. In fact, the myths are prevalent in nearly every aspect of modern society due to the extensive reaches and capabilities of corporations. Able to interact with people worldwide, companies spread Greek ideas with the commodities they produce and sell. Modern companies use imagery and symbolism that allude to classical Greek myths to add background and details to their company’s name and products; moreover, as a part of their marketing plan, they deliberately manipulate and oftentimes change the original intent of the myth to make their merchandise more attractive and appealing.
Rich with history and events, Greek mythology is attributed in numerous corporations’ products in order to improve their sales. A common source where Greek mythology is often referred is within a company’s logo. Companies use the consumers’ general knowledge of Greek mythology and their assumptions about the myths’ plots and characters to sell their products. One of the most notable examples is the prominent Italian fashion company, Versace, whose logo consists of a symbol of Medusa’s head. Versace has one of the most iconic and recognizable logos in the fashion industry and the logo was deliberately chosen in order to…

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