Greek Mythology: Aphrodite And The Goddess Of Love

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The age of Greek Mythology told tales of love, hate, war, peace, beauty and fright. Among it all, lived one of the most magical, mysterious, desirable and most beautiful goddess of all. Her name was Aphrodite. Aphrodite was the divine goddess of love, beauty and desire she was adored and considered perfect to every other god and goddess (Zortman). Aphrodite was known to be the reason that others fell in love. Her only task was to bring love to everyone in her world. It is believed she lived in the era 300-350 B.C. and ironically, despite her reputation for love and peace, mythology has said that she was to blame for the Trojan War. At times she was surrounded by other conflicts and tragedy. Some examples include the mythical tales
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This myth recalled a beauty contest in which goddesses Aphrodite, Hera and Athena were participating. The contest arose when all the gods and goddesses other than the goddess Eris, were gathered at a wedding for Peleus and Thetis. Goddess of discoed, Eris was turned away from the wedding and in a fit of rage; Eris caused a commotion and tossed around a golden apple which was labeled “for the most beautiful”. Zeus was asked to mediate the uproar. He ordered Hermes to lead Hera, Athena and Aphrodite to Paris of Troy in order that he makes a final decision on the winner. All 3 goddess’s desperately wanted to win and in order to ensure the prize the goddesses bribed Paris of Troy with what he desired. Aphrodite, knowing what Paris of troy desired most, offered a promise of Helene; the women of Paris’ dreams, to love him despite the fact that she was already married to Menelaus. This promise of Helene to Paris led to the kidnapping of Helene and ultimately the Trojan War …show more content…
Women everywhere want to be loved the way she was and portray her beauty. From her unusual entrance into life, to her father, famous king Zeus, and her admired lovers Ares, Adonis and son “Cupid”, we learned that she was strong, beautiful, desired and had the ability to love and be loved by everyone. Goddess Aphrodite remains a constant in today’s world. Her life’s encounters including her involvement with the Trojan war, brought her heartbreak and deception however, despite it all she maintained her passion, sensuality and strength. She is a true example of a women who showed perseverance. She knew what she wanted and was not afraid to go after it. Aphrodite proves that despite where one comes from, or what they encounter in their lives, they are all worthy and entitled to happiness and

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