Greek Culture and the Roman Culture Essay

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The difference between the Greek culture and the Roman culture?
There are many differences between the two cultures, in fact, so many that they cannot all be told. One difference is that Greek culture was exceedingly older than Roman culture. To start things out, the Greek civilization was in existence long before Rome became a civilization. Rome began as a few farming communities on the banks of the Tiber river, and the civilization grew and grew and started to conquer land. As well, Rome was also under the rule of Escrustan kings for centuries, until that system of government was overthrown and the Roman Republic came into existence. Rome conquered and grew, and it as well consisted of city states very similar to Greece, but they
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In the winter, up to three layers of tunics could be worn by Roman men.
Art was also a huge difference between the Greeks and Romans. Greek art is what you imagine when you think of ancient art, but Roman art was exceedingly realistic and was not rivaled until the Renaissance. The Romans ad already accomplished three-dimensional art, and by the early third century Roman sculpture was so realistic, one could swear it was a real person they saw. Sculpture was a Roman mastery; Greek sculpture was good, but it couldn't compare with Roman sculpture. Especially official portraits of officials; they were usually a marble bust, and they were considerably impressive. The Romans also had mass production that the Greeks didn't have; for example: if a gentleman wanted a life-size statue to be done of him, the artist would sculpt his head, and then mount it on top of a mass-produced body, probably of concrete. Many of the headless bodies have been excavated.
The Romans also adopted Greek theater, but the themes of the play were much different. Roman plays were at times very debauched, whilst Greek plays were much more classical. In arenas is where the Greeks would perform their plays; the Romans did too, but usually the Romans held gladiatorial games in arenas and executions, etc.
Never, ever consider ancient Greece and Rome as being the same, for they were not and

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