Essay about Greek Civilization : Ancient Greece

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Greece, located in southern Europe, has proved to be the most influential civilization out of all of the western civilizations. Particularly, Ancient Greece, with its’ earliest forms of settlements being recorded in history starting with both Minoans and Mycenaean peoples. Minoans, of course, were located on the island of Crete and thought to be descendants of Neolithic communities. On the other hand, Mycenaean’s remained on the mainland in an area named Mycenae (Hunt 30). Over time, trade flourished between the two communities, up until Mycenaean’s decided to take over the island of Crete and the Greek civilization started to decline. Greek culture has by far been an important foundation of the Western civilizations. Consequently, the foundations of what would start the Roman Empire falls all in the hands of the Archaic and Classical Greek Ages. Therefore, the political and cultural developments of Archaic, as well as Classical Greece, have brought upon great accomplishments that would then be put in good use throughout later Western Civilizations.
The Greek Archaic Age started shortly after the fall of the earliest Greek settlements in the Greek Dark Ages. Since then, cultural advancements have been flourishing throughout the Greek civilization. Everything from art, religion, and literature to sculptures, pottery, and music emerged. For example, the religion of Polytheism has been the major belief for early Greeks, with the inclusion of gods in the Olympian Pantheon. Gods…

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