Greed In The Golden Door

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Explore the world of Dorne, a vast land filled with magic and monsters. Where greed triumphs and unfair men rule. You will look over Rye, a humble sixteen year old boy in the great town of Weld, which shelters its people from the evil of the outside world. Although some of this evil has managed to pillage the town for years, in the form of the dreaded skimmers. Following in the footsteps of his two older brothers Rye will venture beyond the wall to find his brothers who have been gone for years in pursuit of the source of the skimmer attacks. The Golden Door is a fantasy novel about adventure, friendship, greed and family. It shows how far someone will go for friends and family, and the consequences of greed. Once you start reading you won’t …show more content…
One reason being the doors. Golden, silver, and wooden. I love how Rye sees each of them as different stereotypes e.g. Gold meaning strong and the hunger for fame and fortune, silver meaning smarts and want to always learn, and wooden meaning humble and brave. This to me resembles each one of the brothers in perfect light (as I think it was meant to do). Dirk is golden, Sholto is silver, and Rye is wooden. Another reason that this book is great is the twist that occur when reading it. As we find out what the items in the bag do in ways that you wouldn’t expect. The fact that you only know what Rye knows make you feel like everyone is keeping secrets from you and you would kill to find them out. My last reason and in my opinion the best, it left me wanting more. I just could leave the story there, it made me want to go out and buy the next point. To the point where I read the wiki page to find out the backstory it was that good. This is because it entices you with a wonderful plot filled with secrets that can only be revealed by reading on (or in my case going on wiki to find the backstory and accidently coming across it). This is very clever and is a great way to, like I said before, make the reader keep wanting more. This book also tackles real problems like having to protect your family and friends, and also you getting to choose your own path in life. I can relate to this because in the coming years I will have to choose the path I go down. Like I said it also tackles having to stand up and protect your family and friends. I can’t relate to this as much but it’s good because this is something that other people can relate

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