Scrooge's Greed In The Christmas Carol

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We are reading the book the Christmas carol for school.The theme for stave one was greed. This is about a man named Scrooge owns a counting company. He enjoys counting his money with his Time. he is a very greedy man when the people came asking for a donation for the poor Scrooge said “is there is not prisons or poor homes”. this shows his greed , but later that night his old partner marley's ghost came. He was trying to tell him that he is greedy and should help others. he was told that one spirit would come at one one at two and the last in his good Time. This was the first spirit of the three to haunt Scrooge this night Scrooge

The theme for the second stave that I have chosen was regret. Scrooge was in bed and heard the church bells chime One. Marile told him the ghost would come to haunt him
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When Scrooge woke up on Christmas morning he was so happy he had not missed it. He looks out the window and sees a boy he tells him to go buy the biggest bird and he will get payed. When the boy gets back with the turkey he sends it to bob cratchit's house. As he is outside he is walking he is feeling so great he donated to the carolers. He also donated to the poor as well. He remembers that his nephew invited him for dinner. So he went over to his house and had a great Time and a great Christmas. Then the next day when he was at work his clerk bob cratchit was late by 19 minutes. Scrooge acted mad and was talking in an angry manner. He tells is about to tell him what his conscience because he is late. He thought that he was going to get fired by Scrooge but instead he says that he will double his salary and to go get some coal. He also tells his clerk that he knows how ill his son tiny Tim is and will help as much as possible. Then tiny Tim lives unlike the future that the spirit showed him and becomes like a second father to tiny Tim. This will change Scrooge for the rest of his

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