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Since our country is moving into a “post-American” era, it is important that we understand the economic, political, and social aspects of other influential countries around the world. One of these countries that may be of importance is Greece, which is located in Southern Europe. Greece is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe, consisting of approximately eighty percent mountains and hills. It shares borders with four other countries (Albania, The Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey), and is also bordered by three seas (Aegean, Mediterranean, and the Ionian). Greece has a total coastline length of 13,676 kilometers, which makes it the eleventh longest in the world. This coastline consists of the mainland as well as …show more content…
These issues can cause many social, economic, and political problems in the country. When it comes to looking at historical events, Greece’s history played an important role in shaping the entire world. Greece is considered to be the birthplace of Western Civilization and is home to the first advanced civilizations in Europe. The three main civilizations that were first formed were the Cycladic, Minoan, and the Mycenaean civilizations. All three civilizations all possessed their own form of writing which was an early form of Greek. These civilizations, however, collapsed around 1200BC, and ushered in an era known as the Greek Dark Ages. These dark ages would last until approximately 776BC, which was the year of the first Olympic Games. The ending of these dark ages created a large manifestation of various kingdoms and city states around Greece. It was around this time that Greece underwent an unexpected cultural explosion through architecture, math, science, and philosophy. Approximately two-hundred years later, in the ancient capital city of Athens, Cleisthenes established the world’s first democratic system of government that countries around the world still use today. Another part of Greek history that is pivotal in shaping the country into what it is today is the Greek War of Independence. This war took place between 1821 and 1832 when Greece was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Since the beginning of Ottoman Rule in 1453, there were

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