Greatness And Its Impact On The World Essay example

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How do we as humans define greatness? We see it as a noun meaning the quality of being distinguished going above and beyond what we as people consider average or mediocre, and reaching accolades few or none has reached before. When it comes to greatness it is all about seizing the opportunity. A motivational speaker by the name Les Brown once said, “the wealthiest place on earth is the graveyard”,.He stated that “the graveyard holds a bunch of potential that the world never got to see, it holds potential that could have reached greatness”. Greatness is met in different kinds of genres, such as sports, politics, technology, etc. Greatness is also remembered for a lifetime, it becomes a significant event in the field of which that person has achieved greatness and now becomes a marker or goal for others in that field because naturally as competitors we want to go higher, we want to be greater. This is where greatness creates tension in the world, it is a life long argument about who is better when really none of that matters because each person talent is labeled to be above average, all of it is still considered to be greatness. Greatness is categorized as a noun but to me it is more of an action verb, greatness also creates a milestone that others try to reach, and greatness also forces debate into the world.
The word greatness is defined as a noun in the dictionary, but to me it is much more than that it seems more of an action verb than a noun. Greatness is only a noun…

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