Great Works of Alfred Kinsey Essay

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Everyone was conditioned to know that sex before marriage was a sin, and sex after marriage was not much better and that was that, no one discussed the topic or asked questions, but Kinsey wanted to know more. He inquired about masturbation, sodomy, sex inside of prison as well as many other “off-limits” topics. And there were also accounts of Kinsey going above and beyond just interviewing. He would travel to Chicago to conduct interviews with homosexuals, at a time when most were confined to secrecy, and engage in numerous homosexual encounters while visiting.

In 1948 Kinsey completed his book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and much to his own surprise it topped the best-seller lists. The very same year, he was able to gain permission to film a small number of sexual encounters involving a few volunteers and members of his staff. He felt that a video was able to capture much more than photographs or drawings would ever be able to when analyzing the material. And in 1950, he sued the United States Customs Bureau when some of the erotica that
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