Great Western Life Insurance Essay

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Great Western life insurance


The Great Western Life Insurance was established in 1891, and it resides at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Initially the company had started providing life insurance specially to the farmers and the locals around that region. Slowly then the company started extending its hand throughout the country after it cleared all the financial struggles it had during the early 20th century. Then by 1906 The Great Western Life Insurance had already started to spread inside the US market(Starting from Fargo, North Dakota).

In 1969, the company was purchased by The Power Corporation and by 1984 Power Financial established so as to hold the company for Great West and others minorities. At present The Great Western Life Insurance Company represents The Great West Life Assurance Company along with
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There are many inventive, fun-loving and other great assisting employees.However the Company itself doesn't seem to value its employees. Most of the staffs have reviewed about their co-workers being very nice and helpful to work with.

At Great Western Life you’re continuously being pushed to improve yourself. There are many opportunities here to learn about the aspects of insurance industry. Many ideas are aroused due to the continuous growing and changing nature of the company’s management .

The staffs have also reviewed about their President. For receiving praise and sufficient salary increase it depends upon how well are you known to the president rather than how well you work in the office. It is in fact clear that Favoritism and Sexism is distinctively present around the office environment.

The premiums offered for the health insurance of the employees are too high and deductible as well. It seems that despite the reputation established by the Company, it doesn't seem to have a good ratings. The clients and the working staffs both doesn't seem to be satisfied with the

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