Great War Consequences

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The Consequences of the Great War

The Great War had many effects on the world, both negative and positive. The war affected the lives of hundreds, thousands. The war had brought economic problems to Europe, as well as social problems and political consequences. It crippled empires, monarchies, and countries, but it also gave birth to new countries and governments. Overall, the Great War had numerous consequences such as, technological advancement, economic problems, political consequences, and social affections. One consequence that the war had emitted was a shift in the political world. The political by Kaiser Wilhelm II, The Austro-Hungarian Empire, The Ottoman Empire, and The Russian Empire. The war had also helped spark a revolution in Russia, Causing revolutionists to overthrow the Russian Monarch, and establishing a communist government, making Russia the world’s first communist government. The collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the creation of new countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Turkey, were all the outcome of The Great War. The land lost by the Turks in
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Since the war had been fought mostly by men, jobs back home needed to be filled, and women were the takers. Mass production had paved the way for labor laws, civil unrest caused by the war led to multiple revolutions in many societies. People chose republics as opposed to monarchies, and the desire for better living standards were expressed. The war had also affected population & population growth. Birth rates were in shambles due to so many young men dying in the Great War. About 9 million soldiers and almost as many civilians had died due to the war. Women had been given more rights, even the right to vote after the war’s end. The social ladder was also affected. The upper class had lost the leading role in the social order. Middle and lower classes, both men and women alike, had demanded a say in forming their

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