Great Lakes Case Study Essay

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Great Lakes: Great Decisions
Strategic Management
October 13, 2011

Great Lakes Chemical Corporation is a chemical producing corporation located in the United States that produces many different chemical compounds and solutions, including the ever controversial lead additive used in gasoline in some developing nations. The company, which was originally founded as an oil company, eventually acquired several other corporations and extended their oil business into one that handles chemicals such as bromine and eventually took over the company Octel which produced a lead additive. While the use of leaded gasoline became illegal in the US and all developed countries, it was still in heavy use in developing countries. These countries had
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To take away this portion of their production would mean to greatly reduce their profit. While the economic standpoint of this corporation has been extremely successful, the unfortunate downside is the environmental segment. The lead additive that Great Lakes produces for developing countries is extremely dangerous and lethal to the environment, including humans. It was Greek physicians who diagnosed sickness from lead exposure as lead poisoning. (p. 156) The increased proof of the dangers of leaded gasoline lead to its abolishment in the United States and all developed countries, with unleaded gasoline taking its place. The developing nations which rely on this lead additive need it because they simply have not made the conversion to the unleaded gasoline. Environmentalists did present facts to the Great Lakes showing the staggering facts on leaded gasoline, including factors such as: “in developing countries where leaded gasoline, leaded paint, and other major exposure routes were still common, all children under age two and more than 80% between the ages of three and five have blood lead levels that exceeded the World Health Organization standard. An estimated 15 million to 18 million children in economically developing countries suffer permanent damage from lead poisoning, resulting in lowered intelligence, learning disabilities, hearing loss, reduced attention span and behavioral abnormalities” (Mead,

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