The Great Gatsby Film Adaptation Of The Film

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The Great Gatsby

The film adaptation of one of the most popular book in North America, The Great Gatsby, has captured the heart of many book aficionados around the world. Reading the book written by the genius F. Scott Fitzgerald, the reader can imagine the luxurious and exiting life of Jay Gatsby, as well as the mediocre life of Nick Carraway. The greatness of the book gave us great expectations for the highly awaited movie. When the film hit theaters, the excitement of me and my peers grew stronger and stronger. After waiting for months, I was finally able to watch the movie and I can proudly say that it met my expectations. The Great Gatsby, which was directed by Baz Luhrmann, was definitely one of the best movies in 2013. Leonardo DiCaprio,
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The story starts with Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) in a psychiatric hospital. After being unable to express his emotions and words correctly, his doctor suggests that he writes the occurrences that happened. The story tells how Nick moved to New York to work as a bond salesman. He then rents a house next to an enormous and luxurious mansion, which belonged to none other than Jay Gatsby. One day, Nick receives an invitation to join his cousin, Daisy, and her husband, Tom, for dinner. During dinner, Tom receives a call that clearly upset Daisy, not understanding the situation Jordan Baker, a friend of Daisy who joined them for dinner, explains to Nick that Tom has a mistress. After a couple of days, Tom takes Nick to the “valley of ashes”, where his mistress and her husband live. A couple of days after the unusual meeting with Tom’s mistress, he receives an invitation to one of Jay Gatsby’s lavish and big parties. There he finally gets to meet the one and only Mr. Gatsby. Days after that meeting, Nick learns that Jay was in a relationship with Daisy and was still in love with her and asks him to arrange a meeting with her at his house. After the awaited meeting, Gatsby and Daisy start an affair. Days later, the lovers decide to tell Tom that Daisy was going to leave him and be with Gatsby. At the last moment, Daisy changed her mind and a fight broke amongst Tom and Jay. On their way back home, Daisy accidently …show more content…
Of course, like most movies adaptations, some things where left out, like the very famous elevator scene. The movie also leaves out the true colors of Daisy, in the book she did not stay with Tom because she was scared of Gatsby, but because Tom’s financial and social stability. Apart from some missing parts and some flaws in the movie’s plot, Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby was truly captivating and entertaining. His extravagant giving his audience a peek into what the 1920s were about was truly one of the best movie visual I’ve seen since The Life of Pi. Despite the low movie ratings, The Great Gatsby’s movie adaptation was truly a captivating and exiting movie that told the story the dangers of money and

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