Great Expectations Essay

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Certain passages in a novel can do many things to develop the work as a whole as well as develop a character. In the novel, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, this is proven true. Within a certain passage in the novel Dickens uses diction to reveal characteristics of the main character, Pip’s, personality. Dickens also uses this specific passage where Abel Magwitch is telling Pip that he is his benefactor to contribute to the overall meaning of the book. In Great Expectations, Dickens uses a specific passage in the book to contribute to the meaning of the book and to also reveal, through Pip’s reaction to who his benefactor, Pip’s character. Diction is defined by the Merriam-Webster as a choice of words especially with regard to …show more content…
It also shows that he looks down upon the poorer class even though he came from it and eventually returns to it. In this stage of his expectations Pip comes off as being very cocky and full of himself even though he is in debt and that shows in this scene. Pip is also very shocked that Magwitch is his benefactor and he shows this by fainting. Pip is shocked that his convict is in his home, he is also shocked that Magwitch is his benefactor. He is doubtful that Magwitch a convict can be his benefactor and this alludes to the overall meaning of the book. It hints towards the class struggles throughout the novel. It also poses the question of who are the actual gentlemen in the book. The real gentlemen in the book are Joe and Magwitch simply because they are gentle men. They are gentlemen in all ways except for wealth. They are kind, courteous and generous which is the complete opposite of who the book blatantly says are gentlemen. Magwitch is a gentleman because he has these characteristics. Even though he speaks with a dialect reserved for those that are uneducated there are times within the book that he sounds educated. For example, Magwitch says “but wot, if I gets the liberty and money, I’ll make that boy a gentleman!” this shows Magwitch’s intentions are good and intentions of a true gentleman are always true. It also shows Magwitch’s reluctance to let Pip become a convict,

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