Great Expectations: Secrets Essay

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Bailey Baith
Great Expectations
Adv. English 11
March 9, 2013

A secret always has reasoning behind how long it is kept hidden and when it is revealed. There’s always a perfect time and place for one to share one’s secret. Uniquely books have secrets embedded within to keep the reader on edge. If used wisely by the author, a secrets purpose can affect a novel’s story line, character development, and theme. Every secret throughout Dickens’ novel Great Expectations is effectively kept hidden and divulged at a certain moment, to allow the reader to contemplate the influence of social status and relationships on happiness.
“Keep still, you little devil, or I’ll cut your throat!” (Dickens, 2) At the beginning of Great
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This begins Pip’s adventure for Great Expectations. The reasoning is to become a gentleman, who is worthy of Estella. The term gentleman to Pip refers to that of a higher class than a blacksmith. Estella though has been taught by Miss Havisham to show no kindness towards men. This hostility toward men began when she was jilted on her wedding day and she never revealed this secret but decided to let her past relationship consume her life. Now to get back at all men for what happened to her, she is using Estella to make men like Pip’s lives miserable. Which in turn is ruining Estella’s innocence and as she gets older her relationship to even Miss Havisham. It’s not until after Pip realizes Miss Havisham is not his real benefactor that he realizes the effect she has on Estella.
Once Pip finally returns from becoming a successful gentleman, he returns to Satis House in hopes of confessing his love for Estella. Estella treats him colder than ever before moving him to tears. In the midst of the tragedy, Miss Havisham shows a side of remorse toward Pip that she has ever shown to a man in long time. She stands in corner holding onto her heart in awe. At the same time Estella always denies love to her. This scene begins the development of Miss Havisham’s character. The next time Pip visits her, he recalls astoundingly that, “she dropped on her knees at my feet; with her folded hands raised to me. It wasn’t enough for her to

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