Great Expectations, Pip, An Orphan Living With His Sister Essay

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In Great Expectations, Pip, an orphan living with his sister is given the opportunity to move to London and become a gentleman. Mr. Jaggers a lawyer tells Pip that a secret benefactor will fund for Pip to become a gentleman. Jaggers demands that Pip purchases new clothes so that he does not look like the working class. "First," said Mr. Jaggers, "you should have some new clothes to come in, and they should not be working clothes. Say this day week. You 'll want some money. Shall I leave you twenty guineas?" (Dickens, 128). Now that Pip is going to come into a great possession of wealth, Jaggers wants Pip to get rid of all his old clothes. Jaggers does not want Pip to be related in any way or form to the working class, like when he says “Should not be working clothes.” This shows how the wealthy try to disassociate themselves from the lower class. Wealthy people think that if they can be separated from the poor, then they will have control over others.
In this scene of the book Great Expectations, Mr. Jaggers offers Joe a compensation for the loss of Pip. Joe quickly turns the money down, as money cannot buy a relationship. "But if you think as Money can make compensation to me for the loss of the little child—what come to the forge—and ever the best of friends!—" (Dickens, 128). Jaggers assumes that everyone has a price, but he is wrong because Joe does not. Jaggers does not seem to understand that there are things that money cannot buy, like a relationship…

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