Essay on Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

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Great Expectations, in a number of ways, mirrors much of Dickens life. His personal experiences with parental neglect, working in factories, and his greater hopes for life, all help build the relationship that Dickens personally has with this novel, through Pip. There is a lack of family relationships throughout the story with many of the characters, which feeds into the development of Pip, the main character. The deeper psychological analysis of Pip helps the reader grasp a deeper understanding of not only Pip, but also Dickens’ himself. By understanding the psychoanalytical theory’s that can be applied to Great Expectations the reader can develop a deeper understanding of Pip, but also the the novel and how it relates to Dickens’ life.
By using Sigmund Freud psychoanalysis theory, the readers are able to understand not only Pip but also how the novel is almost an autobiography of Charles Dickens’ life. Charles Dickens’ felt neglected as a child, his father was sent away to prison at a young age. The absence of his parents forced Dickens’ to work in a factory to help support his family, when in fact they should be supporting and taking care of him. His parents had big dreams of becoming wealthy and becoming one of societies elite members, as did Dickens’.
There are many themes throughout Great Expectations that help the reader connect Pip to really being Dickens’ himself. The dominant theme throughout is the story of Philip Pirrip, or Pip, and his journey to into an…

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