Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Essay

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As his name suggests Philip Pirrip, or Pip, was Charles Dickens own seed. Swathed in the desire to constantly improve the nature of who he is. Great Expectations follows this young Pip in his journey through time; as well as his journey to establish his own personal foundation in which he can stand upon. His very existence would be shaken upon meeting the cold Estella at a young age. Such a meeting had twisted Pip’s view of the world and would be his corrupt foundation for years to come.
He had come to know Estella upon entering the Satis House, the very name a paradox to the inhabitants of it. Inside the building many roads became lost in time, circling around in partial delusions of grandeur. Pip too became lost within the halls of the building, chasing after an elusive specter. She had whisper ideas power of how Pip’s “boots were thick; that [he] had fallen into a despicable habit of calling knaves Jacks; that [he] was much more ignorant than [he] had considered” (56) and slowly these words tore away at him. Estella had established a societal barrier between the two, leading Pip to believe that one’s personal value was based on the position one was in society. Pip’s own position was dreadfully low, being the orphaned brother to a small village’s blacksmith wife. Such a lowly position forced him to come to the realization that “[he] was common, and that [he] wished [he] was not common” (61).
With status imprinted in his mind and Estella onto his heart, Pip’s ambition…

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