Great Expectation Test(Answers) Essay

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Stage I of Pip's Expectations: Ch. I to IX
Chapter I 1. How does Dickens use setting to convey the mood right at the opening?
Charles Dickens uses the imagery of a bleak, unforgiving Nature in his exposition of "Great Expectations" to convey the mood of fear in Chapter 1. The weather is described as "raw" and the graveyard a "bleak" place. The "small bundle of shivers" is Pip himself, who is terrified by a "fearful man, all in coarse grey, with a great iron on his leg." He is a desperate man, with broken shoes,as he grabs the orphan Pip. .

2. What does Dickens' description of the first convict tell us about him?

3. What is surprising about the narrative point-of- view Dickens has adopted? the narrator of Great Expectations
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He is using the file to stir his drink, and he stares at Pip, making him very uncomfortable. Pip realizes that this must be the second criminal, Magwitch's fellow escapee. The man later gives Pip money, most likely in thanks for helping him to escape. So, Joe's file, used to help two criminals escape, turns up 7 chapters later in the hands of a mysterious man who gives Pip money. It is an interesting development. I hope that helped; good luck!

Vocabulary: “rimy" = frosty.

Chapter IV
Note Mr. Wopsle's self-righteous biblical allusion: “Swine were the companions of the prodigal" (see Luke XV:11-32).
1. Explain the expression “like monumental Crusaders as to their legs."
Mr. Joe would cross his fingers to signify to Pip that Mrs. Joe was in an irate state of mind. The crossing of the legs is symbolic of the slain Christians in the Crusades, statues of whom had legs crossed both for balance and as symbolic of the legs of Jesus that were so positioned at the Crucifixtion.
2. What special occasion is being celebrated and how?
Christmas is being celebrated and it is being celebrated by a dinner.
3. And yet why does Pip feel apprehensive and miserable?
Pip stole and gave to Magwitch the pork pie. So throughout the Christmas lunch Pip feels guilty that he has stolen from his own sister's house and given the food to a convict and worse he his scared of the terrible consequence once he is exposed. Furthermore,

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