Donald Trump Persuasive Speech Outline

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump believes that America is headed in the wrong direction. Donald Trump is well known for being an excellent entrepreneur and executive. Trump’s speech at the Iowa Summit informs voters of the ineligibility of his Republican Party competition. In the process of belittling his competition, he praises himself in hopes of getting the voters to believe that he is most eligible for the presidential position. Trump’s speech appeared to be narcissistic at the Iowa Summit on January 24, 2015 because he mostly focused on his success and pandered on the audiences’ anxiety.
Trump starts by discussing President Obama’s flaws in the White House. Trump proceeds to degrade Obamacare’s website and the cost to create it. Next, he begins to speak on how make the country more money. Trump then speaks on the many purchases he has for his hotels and speaks on the lack of companies that produce products in the US. Trump expresses the pride other countries have in their buildings and surrounding areas. Trump call to the crowds’ attention that the last Republican presidential candidate failed at getting to the White House. He also speaks on the unnecessary use of Teleprompters while
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For one, Donald Trump was a successful author, which is what helped him reach his celebrity status. The book is titled, The Art of the Deal, which talks about how to make successful deals in real estate and in general. Throughout this speech, he refers to making the deal or the deals he has already made. In paragraph 10, Trump makes a reference to a deal being made five times, two of which he talks about himself making deals and three of him stating that Obama has, “Look, Obama, what did he do? No deal. He never did a deal. He did one deal. A house.” This shows that Trump does not think president Obama is able to run the white house successfully because he has not made any

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