Great Britain During World War II Essay

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In the years following World War II, Great Britain along with most of Europe, was war-torn from the aftermath that had resulted from a long, tiresome, six years of war to which World War II had on greater Europe. Although Great Britain was one the victors in World War II, the cost of war weighed heavily on not only themselves, but Europe as a whole. This post war era not only forced Great Britain to refocus its attention more specifically on the reconstruction of itself, but also cut back on its ties and colonies of Burma, Singapore and that of India, to which they formally possessed. Although this wasn’t the most ideal situation that Great Britain had in mind, it knew that it needed to focus its attention at home first and foremost and as a result cut its lies with its extended colonies. For India, an up and coming country in southeast Asia, this long desired Independence from Great Britain was finally granted to them in August of 1947. While India had finally gotten its independence it had longed for, it was faced with the harsh reality of a country that was extremely poverty stricken, a country greatly divided by its many different ethnic groups and a country with no true understanding of how to independently rule itself. For a country that possessed many natural resources and the desire to become great, India just needed a jump-start as well as some right pieces to fall into place before they were to become one of the world’s most influential economies. After it…

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