Gray Scenario Analysis

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Gray Scenario
Winter break was almost approaching at New High School as I received notification from all the teachers indicating which students were failing their grades. I started to make arrangement to meet individually with each student to discuss their grades and try to problem solve how to best help each student to raise their grades. The following days I started spending the majority of the time with some students. It was M.L.’s turns, he was a freshman and it was his first time being at the school counselor’s office to discuss his grades. As I greeted him, he seemed reluctant to talk; he was quiet and thoughtful. As I asked M.L. about his grades, he stood quiet, he seemed worried and frighten, but he did not seem ready to talk, he didn’t
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Appropriate Referrals and Advocacy: (a) Collaborate with all relevant stakeholders, including students, educators and parents/guardians when student assistance is needed, including the identification of early warning signs of student distress. I wanted to get more information from M.L.’s teachers on how his interactions with others looked like. Similar messages from all of M.L. teachers were that M.L. had very few classmates he talked too and that he does not like to participates during small group activities. It was noted that they have seen M.L. eat by himself during lunch time. After conversation with the teachers, I learned that M.L.’s family immigrated from Mexico several years ago and that he is the youngest of five brothers. While trying to gather all the useful information, I had a message from M.L.’s mother indicating that she has seen M.L. more thoughtful and with less energy. That moment I decided to contact M.L.’s mother to hear more about her concerns and see if perhaps that is the cause of M.L.’s low grades. As I spoke to M.L.’s mother, she shared that their family immigrated when M.L. was 10 years. She briefly shared that she was worried that M.L. still has not adapted to being in the United States, even though it had been around 4 years that the family moved. She also mentioned that he just stays home and doesn’t go out with friends to play. M.L.’s mother knew that M.L. had seen his counselor to discuss his grades, but what me to see if there was something else. I acknowledge her concerns and told her that I hope M.L. continues to improve his academic and hopefully adapt better at

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