Gravity And Its Effect On Earth Essay

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Every object on the Earth’s surface is pulled towards the center of the earth by the force of Gravity. Gravity causes all objects in Freefall to accelerate downwards at the same rate, regardless of the object’s mass. On Earth, acceleration due to gravity is constant of 9.81m/s^2. Therefore on Earth when air resistance is not present, all objects fall at the same acceleration of 9.81m/s^2.
However, on the planet Vela Rani, the value of acceleration due to gravity is 15.3m/s^2. Therefore, all objects within the gravitational field will fall faster than on earth due to the increase in force pulling the object to the center. Additionally, if you were to jump in the air, you would reach a lower height compared to if you were on earth, as gravity has a stronger effect on you.
Freefall is when the only force on an object is gravity. When an object is in Freefall it is currently being pulled to the ground at 1g. This is because gravity is the sole force acting on the object so the acceleration on the object towards Earth is 9.81m/s^2.
G-Force is the amount of gravity’s experience in comparison to weight. On Earth, humans have been known to withstand up to 10-12g’s before blood begins to pool up in their head or their feet. Whereas on the planet Vela Rani they are able to withstand only 8 G’s. This means that the G-force on rides must not exceed 8 G’s. The equation to calculate both horizontal and vertical G-forces is a/g Where

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