Graphic Designers : Graphic Designer Design And Layout Essay

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Graphic Designers/ Artist also known as Calligraphers, Commercial Artists, and Fashion illustrators are Artist who create and design graphics to meet specific commercial or promotional needs, such as packaging, displays, web layouts, company logos, multimedia projects, they may design film, television, video and computer related imagery and credits. Two field fields in which this occupation is found would have to include Commercial art and Web design and layout. Some of the specific activities that are performed as a graphic designer include creating designs, concepts and sample layouts base on layout principles and the aesthetic design concepts, confers with clients to discuss and determine layout design, develops graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and websites, Reviews final layouts and suggest improvement as needed, Prepares illustrations or rough sketches of material discussing them with clients or supervisors making necessary changes and adjustments, uses computer software and programs to create new artistic and vibrant images, Lastly maintains archive of images and photos of previous work, somewhat like a portfolio. Graphic Designers study the techniques used in graphic art and communications at a two or four-year college or art institute. Although very few workers enter this occupation right out of high school the majority require an Associate in Arts degree for digital media or a Baccalaureate degree in Arts, a master’s degree is…

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