Graphic Design Of Graphic Designers Essays

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“We’re all a bunch of creatives that don’t know how to work linearly,” Bailey Sorensen responds after being asked a common stereotype of those who comprise her career field, graphic design. This perception of graphic designers seems to be an ongoing theme among global citizens which can be attested to after having scoped the World Wide Web for confirmation. People seem to think that those who are artistically-inclined simply are “spastic” or that they cannot keep their train of thought constant. The same individuals who stereotype graphic designers, and artists in general, to be all over with their ideas also categorize graphic designers to be partially lazy and/or unable to complete a project, which is the complete opposite typically. Even though many people perceive the graphic design industry to be full of individuals who spend more time daydreaming than in reality, this industry is as, if not more, difficult than other career fields and requires a laser-like focus. When e-mailing with Bailey, she was asked what one of her biggest difficulties in graphic design was; she answered, “The act of comparing my work to others.” Of all the hardships around a career like the lack of financial prosperity, Bailey said that her biggest challenge was having to be able to take pride in her work despite the other professional designers who have been working for decades. I had not thought of this as an influence on one’s work, but for the graphic design industry, it is major! Designers…

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