Essay on Graphic Design Is It 's Sole Purpose

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Everything has been designed. Buildings, cars, appliances, clothes—graphic design is everywhere. Although we may not think about it, graphic design is very important and plays a big part in the success of our society as a whole. We would not be as advanced as we are today without graphic design. It is always changing, starting with ideas from the past, modifying and improving them to meet the current needs of the present, all while preparing for the future. The one thing that never changes about graphic design is it’s sole purpose: to communicate an idea, an emotion, or a picture to the viewer. What the viewer interprets and takes away from the piece is the real beauty of graphic design because while the designer may create a piece dedicated to a specific idea, the viewer ultimately looks at the piece through his or her own unique perspective. Luba Lukova is a graphic designer whose pieces were able to shift my perspective. Through metaphorical sketches, she depicts issues that relate to our society today—creating art that communicates an idea: a need for social justice.
Graphic designer Luba Lukova was born in 1960 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Lukova grew up around her grandmother who was an artist; therefore, she drew a lot as a child and knew from a very early childhood that she wanted to become an artist just like her grandmother. Lukova studied for six years at the National Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. Lukova then worked for a theater…

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