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Graphic Design
Graphic design is constantly changing and will always revolve around the culture surrounding it. It is hidden throughout ones everyday lives such as the face of an app, a billboard, or even ones clothes. Graphic design plays a behind the scenes role that has a huge impact whether noticed of not. Many forms of design have been researched in depth and brought to the stage to be elevated and used to its best. Graphic Design has changed and evolved over the course of many years pertaining to the basics, meaning, and purpose of this particular area of study.
Graphic Design is the art of manipulating both images and text to create a pleasing visual for a set audience. For centuries design has inspired and influenced around the world. Individually people and cultures have revolutionized their own unique styles. Design was shaped and molded to fit the achievements of the world surrounding it. William Addison Dwiggins created the reference “graphic design” in 1922. He illustrated many things in his time and felt the need for a set name. Beginning with the futurist movement design was accepted and was circulating as a new thing. Typography and symbolism made there way to becoming a hobby and trend people wanted to do.
Graphic Design: Sources of Meaning in Word and Image emphasizes the Important of words and images. Words and images are the basics for graphic design and must be used to lift up and encourage others. The importance of the small things becomes…

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