Graphic And Video Quality Of A Graphics Card Essays

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(A)-Graphics Card
A graphics card is the hardware for a computer that produces the images that we see on the computer monitor. The Cards main job is to decide on how the pixels on the screen will be used to create the image then information that is creates is sent to the monitor through a cable. The graphics card has four main parts that it uses to complete the tasks. These are the motherboard where the power and data is connected through a connector, the processor this tells it how to use each pixel on the screen, memory which holds the picture and the monitor where the image will be displayed. The graphics card is normally built straight into the computers motherboard. The better the quality of the graphics card and the higher the capacity will mean that the images and videos can be viewed in better quality. All computers come with a graphics card built in but they can also be upgraded by purchasing a higher capacity one to improve the graphic and video quality.

(B)-Internal memory
The main type of internal memory is called RAM which stands for random access memory, ram is internal to the computer, ram also loses the data and content when the computer is turned off as ram is volatile. Internal memory normally means memory chips that is inside the computer with technology changing these used to be disks or tapes that was used for internal memory. Ram memory is found on the computers motherboard, so every time the computer opens a program it will be loaded and opened…

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