Essay about Graphene : A Solid And Environmentally Friendly

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Graphene is a monolayer thin film material with superior electrical properties and the potential to revolutionise the electronics industry. The existing manufacturing methods are sophisticated and leads to high price of graphene. As a chemical & materials engineer my research team developed a novel method which converts methane gas into graphene sheet via chemical vapour deposition at a much lower cost. In order to industrialise this method I have a few questions to ponder before the company makes the final investment decision.
• What is the scope of this project?
In this project we expect to industrialise this novel method to mass production of graphene with methane gas at a reasonably low cost. A sequential approach will be used for the execution of the project where we synthesis a detailed engineering design and attract a supplier to construct the plant via bidding – see section ‘sequence of execution’ for detail. By the end of year 2017, we expect to build a plant that is both profitable and environmentally friendly. The products are expected to be sheets of graphene with dimensions of 300mm*300mm and larger and superior electrical properties.
• What type of contract do we use and why?
Since this is a novel process that has never been performed before, we take the risk of operation failure when we execute the project before it proves profitable in operation. We are responsible for synthesising a detailed engineering design to the extent of process flow diagram and the…

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